Landlord & Tenant

Throughout any lease, expert advice is invaluable in ensuring that the best possible terms are achieved. 


From the very beginning, the level of rent being paid will define the profitability of a business – it is the highest occupational cost of all. Getting it right is therefore vital.


Whether facing a rent review, lease renewal or reallocation our advice can reduce your business costs and improve your profitability.


Paul Rabbette Ltd. advises both landlords and tenants on all types of property.



Landlords need specialist property advice in a variety of circumstances:


  • When a rent is under review,
  • At the start and end of a lease,
  • With vacant property, particularly with reducing business rates on empty property, and
  • When needing valuations for accounting purposes.


Our input will ensure that you are achieving the most favourable terms possible, maximising value and increasing returns. We apply an in-depth understanding of the market, legislation and case law to deliver straightforward and effective strategies.



Tenants need specialist property advice in a variety of circumstances:


  • When a property is first rented
  • When rent reviews are due
  • Midway through a lease before fit-out works are carried out, and
  • Close to the lease reaching an end.


A proactive approach and our expertise will result in the best terms possible being achieved. We combine our detailed knowledge of the property market as a whole, both textbook and real world, to offer strategic advice and practical solutions.


An important factor often overlooked by tenants is the impact that the rent they agree with their landlord can have on their business rates.