Financial Asset Valuations

We go beyond the superficial and provide truly useful advice and recommendations to our clients. Our detailed valuations give you a thorough understanding of what your property is worth and how you can maximise value. 


If you or your business owns property you have an active interest in ensuring that values are maintained at the highest level possible. We combine in-depth research into rental and investment markets, with our detailed understanding of the property sector, to offer tailored advice and thoroughly supportable valuations.


Companies who hold property as an investment, or have it treated as an investment for accounting purposes, will find themselves having to follow the Financial Reporting Council regulations set out under Financial Reporting Standard 15.


FRS 15 requires that property held as an investment is revalued every five years with an interim valuation completed every third year – unless there is a significant change in the value of the asset, in which case a full revaluation will need to take place for the next reporting period. Bearing in mind fluctuations in the property market it is possible that revaluations may be required more regularly in order to comply.


RICS require a RICS Registered Valuer to complete this type of work. At Paul Rabbette Ltd. we have the expertise to provide valuations that comply with the RICS standards.