Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

We have the expertise to maximise the compensation that you receive from Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO) for works such as infrastructure, road building, development, airport extensions, new railways etc.


There can be little advance notice of a CPO requiring your land for a project, leaving you to argue for compensation later. In the meantime your business can be left in extreme difficulty.


CPOs are one of the more complex areas of the law regarding property. In theory the acquiring authority should put your business back in the position you were in before the works started. However, their assessors will attempt to ensure that they minimise the cost to the acquiring authority or company.


At Paul Rabbette Ltd. we have the expertise to ensure that any compensation or losses to your business are claimed swiftly and to the highest level possible. If you are likely to be affected by such works it is never too early to instruct us to negotiate on your behalf.


The good news is that the acquiring authority will usually pay your surveyor’s reasonable costs.


There is also an opportunity to reduce your business rates during building works that affect your business.